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Step 1: CDL Learners Permit Training

Step 1: CDL Learners Permit Training

Inside Maryland CDL Learners Permit Course, You'll Discover:

  1. How to apply and schedule for your CDL Learners permit test.
  2. Have the tools and skills necessary to pass their CDL Learners test.
  3. Successfully schedule and obtain your D.O.T Medical Certificate Card.
  4. Know how to use the best test taking tips to successfully pass your CDL Learners test.
  5. Feel confident with ease in taking and successfully passing your CDL Learners Permit Test (even if you tried before and failed) in as little as 7 to 30 days.

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This option is great for those who do better with guided study & encouragement. You will gain the direction, confidence & knowledge to pass General knowledge, air brakes, passenger & combination.

Average person is ready to pass the exam after 3 to 4 weeks of study. If for some reason you don't pass on the first attempt re-watch and review learners permit course and you'll be ready to pass.

Maryland CDL Learners Permit Course Includes:

    1. Presentation Videos
    2. Transcriptions of presentation Videos
    3. Powerpoint slides and pdf documents
    4. Practice quiz for each learners video
    5. Unlimited chances to take and re-take practice quiz.
    6. Unlimited Access for $19.99 a month.



    See how CDL Learners had to say after they obtained their CDL License. They were committed, focused and never gave up and now they are Big Money Earners.

    I did it!

    I got my CDL License through Maryland CDL Training. It only took me 3 training sessions to pass my driving test during my first attempt. Within my first week of driving I earned my money back.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!

     My experience with Maryland CDL Training was a lesson in resolve. The staff brought out a new determination in me. What I took from my training was to have extreme attention to detail. My training has served me well!

    Thank you!

    Maryland CDL Training is the real deal! I am so grateful for the tutelage of the staff. I am now able to provide for my family at a higher level. I would have done this years ago if I were aware of the success this industry would bring.

    Thank You Maryland CDL!

    Thank you Maryland CDL for you guidance and patience. It really helped me get my CDL and now I can have a better job to provide for my family.

    Great Service!

    I highly recommend Maryland CDL to anybody that want's their CDL.

    I finally Got my CDL's.
    You all helped me through the process. Thank you! I really appreciate it.


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    Quick tips for obtaining your learner's permit:
        1. Sign up to Maryland CDL Learners permit course in order to successfully get your CDL Learners Permit in 30 days or less.
        2. Obtain and schedule to take learners permit test & dot card.
        3. You must obtain a DOT physical before getting permit or license. There's a number of places to get a DOT physical.
        4.  Below are the three sections of the CDL Handbook that you must take the written test on, in order to obtain your Class A or Class B CDL License with Passenger Endorsement. They are listed in the order that you need to take them. PLEASE NOTE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ALL THREE TESTS AT ONE TIME. YOU CAN TAKE EACH TEST INDIVIDUALLY AND PASS THEM ONE AT A TIME. DO NOT OBTAIN YOUR PERMIT UNTIL YOU PASS ALL THREE TESTS.

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    For Class A

    1. General Knowledge Test (50 Questions)
    2. Air Brake (25 Questions)
    3. Combination Vehicles (25 Questions)

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    For Class B

    1. General Knowledge Test (50 Questions)
    2. Air Brake (25 Questions)
    3. Transporting Passengers (20 Questions)

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